Love’s Will

This delusion of grandeur
with what you think
may divide and conquer,
when what you speak
as right
is forever left wrong,
just to rip us from the grip
of common ground,
while you took the dream
right out from under me.
So take your ego
or whatever you wish
to feed
while I continue
to plant these little seeds.
But what goes up
must always come down
but the stars and bars
will forever fly
even in the midst
of all your petty little lies.
But humanity
is not a game
for your politics to play
with the distractions
in which you convey.
And maybe you’ll see compassion
is something
that has never been fleeting
but instead
a shot at redeeming
who we are
even when we’re bleeding.
And so it’s time,
we all learn a little lesson
in the long lost word
of what they all call
For what it means
we already sense
when it comes to our own
expectation of
something called severance.
And so the battle begins,
one that which
will one day end,
and one in which
my friends
will always win.
BeLove © 2018


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