Love’s Will

This delusion of grandeur
with what you think
may divide and conquer,
when what you speak
as right
is forever left wrong,
just to rip us from the grip
of common ground,
while you took the dream
right out from under me.
So take your ego
or whatever you wish
to feed
while I continue
to plant these little seeds.
But what goes up
must always come down
but the stars and bars
will forever fly
even in the midst
of all your petty little lies.
But humanity
is not a game
for your politics to play
with the distractions
in which you convey.
And maybe you’ll see compassion
is something
that has never been fleeting
but instead
a shot at redeeming
who we are
even when we’re bleeding.
And so it’s time,
we all learn a little lesson
in the long lost word
of what they all call
For what it means
we already sense
when it comes to our own
expectation of
something called severance.
And so the battle begins,
one that which
will one day end,
and one in which
my friends
will always win.
BeLove © 2018


An Ode To Tahoe

Should I stand perchance
and gaze upon your shore
while your waves they dance
—abrupt and still
where my thoughts
shall spill
deep into your emerald depth
it is as much
as what I seek
likened by your clarity.
Beneath a mirror
—tinted zephyr
here I stood
dreaming awake
fifteen years to the day.
For my gladness
you have given
and my wish as true
as your hue is blue.
It is in your reflection of me
that I will always see
a storm-savaged sea
amongst waves of tranquility.
Floated by your youth
upon a buoyant breeze
with your water and your sand
you took me by the hand
and so I swam
through the depths of you
so deep and blue
so tried and true.
BeLove © 2018


He thought of her
as an emblem
her impression
drawn through the ancient
along a cliff in sanskrit
and painted upon a cave
with his soul
in which he gave.
For when he saw her
he could only scribble
until a word made sense,
an archaic expression
in an image of perfect tense
like the heart shaped crest
she thrust upon his chest.
For she was the prayer
in which he knew worship.
She held the wilderness
in which he lost himself
and in her nature
where he found his peace,
she was the poetry
in which he understood
what hope meant
and in her beauty
he saw something
no man had ever seen.
And they say
that it was she
who lit the love
that showed him the way.
BeLove © 2018

One For The Road

In the wake of my own flood
where these words
have dripped from my blood
scripted from a heart
that I tried to jumpstart,
well that my friends,
that was just the first part.
And in the light of all this
there is something I found
in a moment of silence
is where the story begins
to make all the more sense.
As it is in this
coming of age
that has opened up
the parts of me
I could never see
always sitting there
hiding behind a stage
where up a flight
of beaten stairs
awaits an inner sage.
And so it was in time
that I learned
what it meant
for a word to rhyme
as I hung them out to dry
for the world to pry
upon what
a word was about
the one that I scream
in a silent shout,
some are tangled in rhapsody
others touched by heartfelt melody,
yet so soon will come the day
when my words
come back to play
never left to go astray.
But first I must look,
look within my own damn mind
for what’s left of it
and the voice it carries
I have to find.
And what is that I have to say
will once again sing
with that something
in the me I find
along that lonesome way.
But before I get on and go
here is one,
one more for the road.
BeLove © 2018

Be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

The Task At Hand

I will always walk
bound by the perpetuity
of two endless eternities
one called the future
and that what has long passed
down my own sort of path,
where my left foot
drags on through the bygone
and the right
towards the future of you.
And in this precise moment
for which I live
it is in the nick of time
that I shall continue to toe
this here eternal line.
Not for yesterday
or even tomorrow too,
so be that as it may
it is my feet that shall stay
right here in the now
or in the present,
whichever and the hell
that way that went.
But I guess that is all
one can ask
of this painful life
and it’s mysterious little task.
BeLove © 2018

Happy Place

There is a place
that no one wants to go
for they fear
their true colors may show.
But it is between
a fib and a lie
that the soul
goes to cry.
Yet it’s there
by that place
where the spark
of truth
shall never die.
So let your fear
creep through the dark
while your light
it opens the gate
of what it is
you must create.
So as you
sit on the fence
between now and then
the ink from this pen
will dry written
again and again,
long after you decide
what you are to do
my old friend.
BeLove © 2018

Strings Of You

Beneath a booming thunder
awoke the buried beast
from his sleepless slumber
all of life and it’s misfortune
has been put to bed
by the dream he fed
with an appetite for wonder
from the fear of blunder
he shall plunder.
With a conscious stream
his heart will no longer bleed
from the wound
of life’s stampede.
In the shortness of life
we must all sing together
even through the most turbulent weather
and awake with the wisdom
that touches each and every day,
between here and there
and a little bit of everywhere
you can find the meaning
while love fills the air.
What was written in the beginning
when this started to breathe
bubbling up from the darkness underneath
with mysterious ease.
The greater good
will rise above
while waiting with loyalty
and the battle will rage within
fighting with the fidelity of hospitality.
The spirit carries on
to fight the wear and tear
of a shadow casted
in the doubt
of what we all fear
day in and day out.
Together we float this eternal river
where a word slips into forever.
From his soul
you start to shiver
from the peace and quiet
is where it will always quiver.
It’s the heart in him
and the strings in you
that begs the day
for a creation new
with what it is
that may always
speak with truth
into the light in you.
 BeLove © 2018

All That Is Supreme

Love could be
a flame
and I may be
the one to blame
for taking back
the right to claim
that things
are not the same.
But love
is more than a game
that involves
the exchange
of a name.
Love was
written in the refrain
by something
that had nothing
left to gain
in the way of shame.
Then came the sound
of a pouring rain
that washed away
the sadness and it’s stain
down an emotional drain
and broke
the contemptuous chain.
That is when this thing
called love
had to leave the dream
to write itself as real
and start it’s reign
as all that is supreme.
BeLove © 2017

For What They Mean

It is often
in our search
for something else
when we find
some meaning buried
in our own true self,
and though
I did look through
the eyes of you
I could not find
what the worth was
of such little value.
Then there it was
something I found
hidden behind
an antique bookshelf
buried below
the meaning of me
is the value
of what it is
I must leave for you.
In the place
of an empty space
I put down these words
for what they mean
you must search
within yourself
and no one else.
For what they mean
remains unseen
in the distance between
you and me.
For now, at last, and forever
It’s why I may
and what I must say
to plot the course
all the way
to forever ago
and go to work
on the american dream
Slow and steady
there she goes
with my foot down
on the outskirts of town
towards a glow
bright and lost
against the flow
with a thought
placed inside a poem
and the mystic
with which it sits
in the palm
of wisdom’s hand.
BeLove © 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and yours.  2018 is going to be a good one.


At the point
when my being
stopped to look
at who I was
something held me
back from where
I was to be
and there you had it
right where you wanted
this to be
tied to a tree
too impatient to see
what it felt like
being free.
But now’s the time
to take our chance
and learn the dance
of a different tune
One that moves
down the path
by circumstance.
Your beauty
it sits in stillness
with an echo
that bounces around
throughout my mind
where it shall stay
until the end of time.
For today,
and yesterday too
we all stand tall
and watch it all fall
back into a place
where it will always shine
in the void
of a forgotten time.
BeLove © 2017