Happy Place

There is a place
that no one wants to go
for they fear
their true colors may show.
But it is between
a fib and a lie
that the soul
goes to cry.
Yet it’s there
by that place
where the spark
of truth
shall never die.
So let your fear
creep through the dark
while your light
it opens the gate
of what it is
you must create.
So as you
sit on the fence
between now and then
the ink from this pen
will dry written
again and again,
long after you decide
what you are to do
my old friend.
BeLove © 2018


In The Essence Of Synergy

The head and the heart are bound to collide—when they do—the dynamics of wisdom and knowledge will arrange themselves as a single fundamental being. The strength from this force alone will create waves in an ocean of synergy. Synergy is when the totality of the effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects. Synergy is the unseen dynamic that nourishes the energy of the aura with positive reinforcement. And the ambient light of life flickers on. Again.

Synergy allows us the ability to distinguish between the genuine ghost of goodness with the empirical envy of evil. It is hard for the fallen man to see synergy for what it’s worth. Synergy is simplistic in nature but complicated in thought. The essence of synergy is to see that salvation is a two-way street—when the divinity of grace and free will—come to a head on said street, they will stop, shake each other’s hand and walk together towards that everlasting Promised Land.

I like to feel synergy with what it is. It is a cycle of positivity, and is in no way a vicious cycle, the latter being rigged with the interests of singular gain. Synergy is the emergence of a supportive system that gives for the greater good of the element’s social atmosphere. It allows for positive growth to occur in a complete and organic sense. It is a collective effort by a system to give the element the energy it needs to provide the well-being it must nurture. The element will then apply a new energy to the system; this energy is one that endorses a regeneration of goodness.

Synergy will most often deploy its hidden potential in our daily routines because the wholeness of its parts can only benefit from the presentation of a new system. It is synergy that can only produce the phenomenon mentioned in the prior sentence. It is the phenomenon of synergy that introduces us to the benefactor of constructive Karma, that being ourselves. Synergy is the structure of the sentence that built the Golden Rule. I will touch more on Karma and the Golden Rule later on down this path of words I call my own.

If it goes around, does it come back around? If I were playing Tetherball, then I would have an absolute answer, but we aren’t, so please allow me another couple hundred of words to figure it out.

I believe that if it does go around, it will indeed come back around at some point. It’s written in the stars, applied in mathematics, mapped out in geography, translated in religion, and it’s dissected in science. It is the circle of life. Within said circle though there is an empty space, or a void, and there always has been.

Every circle has its own void and some have a plethora of voids, i.e. the circle of politics. I did not partake in snuggling up next to political science, so I am not at liberty to discuss politics this evening. Feel free to use your imagination as to the direction of my stance on the circular motions of the political state. I am not one to waste my words on that sector any longer. Lest we forget that everything is subject to change. Back to the void.

These voids are the cause for those cycles that take a turn for the vicious. It is in these voids where joy is suffocated by suffering, while the spirit and the soul become unconcerned with the other’s wellness. It is unfortunate that this negative energy is in the realm of all that is natural and happens in the biological sense to all organisms. This therefore, can have derogatory effects on the element and negative feelings force themselves upon the system, only to weaken the element. The element is immune to almost everything that comes at it from an outlying threat, but it is very receptive to the inlaying infections of certain systems that irritate and manipulate the mass and the aura of the whole being.

Lucky for us, this void can be overcame and filled with the same air of progression that any healthy and flourishing system shares towards the provisions of the greater good for the element. All the while, allowing it the opportunity to thrive in its own existence once again.  Think of it in the holistic sense, if you would?  It is the nature of the element to heal from within and without nonnative agents and their so-called healing powers.

When we walk to the edge of existence, we begin to really feel that we are apart of something greater than we can ever fathom. We turn to look back at the world from this higher plane of being and see a fractured element that is broken into meaningless parts, waiting to be sold for scraps to the highest bidder. As heartbreaking as it is, all I can do is use it as motivation to make the world a better place. Pack it in, pack it out, we all have to share the responsibility of leaving the system better for those left to inhabit it. Am I correct?

I believe that I am not the only one that feels this same way. Which is exactly what we need. When the masses start contemplating with a collective effort what it will take to restructure the foundation of us, well that’s when the supernatural power of synchronicity starts to add into the equation. This synch is what pulls us back from the edge, more in tune with ourselves than ever before, and even more in tune with those whom we are lucky enough to share this existence with. It is the synchronicity that fills the void. Once that void is filled, the element cannot be penetrated by the vicious attacks of the cancerous system anymore.

It’s this division of the parts that is the simplest to put back together with the tool of compassion. As easy as that sounds, there is more to it. What that is, I have a good idea and it is in the essence of synergy that we must create something new that will allow the destabilized element to sparkle in the synch of a certain Kingdom’s sunshine once again.

The synergy in the air, when I step outside, although I can’t see it, I can feel it. There is something pulling me towards that eternal light, something is driving me to write these words out of thin air. When I say pulling, it should be mentioned that it is in no way an issue of control—which doesn’t exist in the jurisdiction of free will. It is so plain and simple yet so damned complicated.

I would like to say that it belongs to the beauty of balance, but I often question myself about my own balance or lack thereof. So is balance really it? Who knows? Life is full of paths, some lead to suffering and some lead to happiness but they are always littered with distraction. Even in those incremental moments of joy, we are often tense with what is going to happen next that will lead us to suffering, this is no way to live life. There is no such thing called life when lived in constant crisis.

I have learned that when you are not so focused on the future and you have learned how to detach yourself from the past, that’s when everything that you seek figures itself into the equation of you.

You are the equation of being, and the wholeness of your being is greater than the sum of all of your ridged and beautiful parts.

After all, 2 + 2 = 5.

Pardon my French, (Sorry Mom) I fucking love this song. It’s borderline compulsive how much I have listened to it in the past few days.  Godspeed everyone.

The Taboo Privy To Bliss

What does your idea of bliss often express itself as? Do you imagine it to be similar to the same idea you carry in relation to paradise? These are a couple of questions that have more often than not, left my train of thought determined to derail with a destructive demeanor off of some railroad track chugging along, towards the tunnel of truth.

Before we head down that railroad track of destruction, I feel it necessary to refresh your memory, as well as mine in terms of the definition attached to the word, taboo. Taboo is a word that has been around since 1776. If I am not mistaken that was a pretty significant year for our beloved country. A taboo is the passive prohibition of an idea based on the belief that such behavior is either too sanctified or too ill fated for ordinary beings to undertake. In its entirety this word stems from a societal makeup of rules and guidelines built by those who deem free thought as dangerous. If one were to break taboo, the moral judgment of society’s standards would vehemently treat the presupposed broken taboo as objectionable. In the basic sense of the word, taboo could be viewed as being easily manipulated by the masses. I consider it to have a polarizing effect to the simple satisfaction most individuals seek in bliss.

The definition of bliss is a much easier one to define; it is joy in the purest and most unclouded form. It is hedonistic at its core. It is paradisaical in its hidden hints of heaven. It is the supreme being to the nonbeing of happiness. I could compare it to a lullaby lost in limbo, waiting for its harmony to be heard with the hope of a home waiting to be found. Pure bliss has no beginning and no end because the only place it can exist in its most wholesome form is a place, most like to call Heaven. The final completeness and wholeness include all the experience that has been lived through—the experience of good and evil, of division and valuation, of pain and suffering. Morality inevitably implicates pain. There can be no bliss in good alone, there can only be bliss beyond the battle of good and evil.


What do I consider as the space in which I am absorbed by bliss?

The only honest answer to this question is the fact that I do not yet know. I know that ever since this journey into the realm of my creative process started, I am getting closer to understanding what it is that I seek in sustainable bliss. Sometimes I think that I feel hints of bliss when I try and percolate a variety of well-placed words in conjunction with one another. It must be noted that these words that spawn from the depths of my bizarre enigma often leave even myself puzzled.   I would not like to classify my hobby of well-perceived word placement as bliss, but more of a release from the obligation of this paradoxical existence.

It seems that most of my life I have thought to have touched the surface of bliss in the searches and discoveries of “true” love, only to find myself disturbed in the wake of suffering. When one is craving to be united with the one they yearn for, they are motivated not by happiness, but for what appears to them as supreme and superlative value, the possession, namely, of that particular person of interest.   Joy and happiness may be a consequence of that possession—and so may be pain and suffering, which is commonly the case. That being said, happiness could be deliberated as the barest and most meaningless term of the human vocabulary. There is no existence in the criterion or in the true measure of happiness; in light of this there is no such appraisal that can be made amid the happiness of one person and another. I consider this to be a layer in the taboo behind the being of bliss.

I do believe that a kiss is about the closest thing there is to pure bliss. It is the only time when thoughts are not manipulated by any inward or outward pollution of the mind. A kiss is happy, it is never sad; it is never lonely nor is there any sense of malicious intent attached to it. A kiss is never mean, at least not that I have encountered in my life. See for yourself if you do not believe me.

Bliss has been said to billow within us when we take the necessary steps in developing our spirit. There are three chief stages in the spirit’s development. There is the original wholeness; this is a pre-conscious wholeness, which has not yet gotten lost in the wilderness experience of thought and freedom, i.e. The Perpetuity Of A Toddler. Then there is man’s self-division, reflection, valuation, and the double-edged sword in the freedom of choice, i.e. Adolescence Through Adulthood. These are finally followed by superconscious, when the pain of and suffering of the fallen man subside, i.e. The Meaning Of Life. Bliss encompasses the realm of the superconscious. These stages are suggested to be successive in the ideal growth of man.


Would you call me crazy if I told you that the development of the spirit is deeply rooted with the evil of sin? When the innocence of paradise was lost, the heart of heroism started struggling against the wicked ways of sin. The possibility of being exiled from paradise provokes terror in all of us and this in turn, escalates our quest for spiritual growth. In our awareness of sin, we are both humbled and exalted, and though we fell from a significant height, we can rise right back up to it. The essential problem with bliss is the problem of human nature. Our knowledge, our freedom, our creativeness, when kept in check and balanced, are the keys to the mysterious castle of man. We are the mystery that holds the key of knowledge and more importantly, existence. We are the enigmatic being, though part of nature, still cannot be explained in terms of nature, which this alone penetrates into the heart of being. We are the bearers of meaning, although we are fallen creatures in which that meaning has become awfully distorted. But the fall of us is the token of our providence. Even in our fallen state we preserve the mark of high origin and we are still capable of a higher life and of a knowledge that rises above the meaningless world of materialistic possessions.

The sustainability of bliss begins by eating from the tree of life and from the ignorance in good and evil, but we feed ourselves from the tree of knowledge, while living by the distinction between good and evil and transfer that knowledge towards our destiny, which appears when we give up the ghost. At this point, hopefully we have already passed through the acuteness and division of consciousness, through freedom and with knowledge of what is good and what is evil. Heaven is a place that signifies a new wholeness and completeness after the division and disruption of human nature. There is still an inkling of trouble with this scenario because Heaven still correlates with hell. What is to be done with evil? How can we enjoy bliss if there still exists torment in hell for the wicked? This would mean that evil is never conquered, but instead has a kingdom of its own. The only way to solve this problem is by looking no farther than the mystery of the Cross. In order for evil to be conquered the Good must crucify themselves. We must come together and further a creative regeneration of those who are wicked. If we do not welcome a renewal of the wicked and believe in a wholesome forgiveness of their actions then bliss becomes blame and evil wins the game.

You see we are fallen and sinful creatures, ripped in half. We long for wholeness and salvation. At our core we are creative beings called to continue the work of building the world and endowed with the purpose of a gift from above.  We as man, hold the answer to everything, we are the light in which all the answers we seek, rest. We are nothing without creativity. Without imagination we have no spirit or moral compass. There is such a thing as bliss but we must be careful not to wander through the wicked mist and fall into the moral abyss as we search our soul over for eternal happiness.  And so it begins, the wilderness within.

-Be Love-

Robert Randolph & The Family Band / Going In The Right Direction