Strings Of You

Beneath a booming thunder
awoke the buried beast
from his sleepless slumber
all of life and it’s misfortune
has been put to bed
by the dream he fed
with an appetite for wonder
from the fear of blunder
he shall plunder.
With a conscious stream
his heart will no longer bleed
from the wound
of life’s stampede.
In the shortness of life
we must all sing together
even through the most turbulent weather
and awake with the wisdom
that touches each and every day,
between here and there
and a little bit of everywhere
you can find the meaning
while love fills the air.
What was written in the beginning
when this started to breathe
bubbling up from the darkness underneath
with mysterious ease.
The greater good
will rise above
while waiting with loyalty
and the battle will rage within
fighting with the fidelity of hospitality.
The spirit carries on
to fight the wear and tear
of a shadow casted
in the doubt
of what we all fear
day in and day out.
Together we float this eternal river
where a word slips into forever.
From his soul
you start to shiver
from the peace and quiet
is where it will always quiver.
It’s the heart in him
and the strings in you
that begs the day
for a creation new
with what it is
that may always
speak with truth
into the light in you.
 BeLove © 2018



I found your smile
lost in a file
a faded memory put away
for me to find on this rainy day
years have flown by
like a comet burning up
the midnight sky
has it been a decade
since we sat in summer’s shade
smitten with a memory
that we delicately set free
to find a place
in an empty space
as time writes it with contrast
it was always meant to last
enshrined in the past
somewhere butterflies mingle
while your soul starts to tingle.
BeLove © 2017

The Congress / “Killing Me Softly”


The Rock & The Tree

There was once a boy
He was a sight to see
He came and planted a tree
Right under me
We laid in its shade
While the sun she played
Then she had to go
And wouldn’t you know
A wind blew so
Yet you wouldn’t know
That there
Tree fell right on top of me
Without a word we had to grow
As a symbolic truss
Was wrapped around us
Back came the boy
Who spoke like a man
He held a girl by the hand
We helped that tree
Break loose and grow free
They shared my shade
And believed on me
Their dream I did see
Perfection was planned
Beneath a shaded sway
Love was put on display
As that tree took a stand
Straight to the light
Grown with all its might
Then the love of two
Took to a ceremony
That was written true
As they danced and played
In my shelter of a shade
They began a journey
With a love
Low and behold
It can never really be told
But our soul it grew slow
With love we did glow
Deep within the roots
Ripened by the grace
Of our laborious fruits
That sing with heaven’s flute
Back came the girl
She was lost in a world
Without the hand of her man
Instead she pulled a box
She was sad and a little mad
As she put that box below me
Her hair was grey and feathery
While she prayed
She looked afraid
The boy he stayed
Below me he laid
We did not play that day
Instead we conspired
With the heart of a tree
That grew higher and lit a fire
Then came a bird
Feathered in gray
She landed on me
Singing a song
Written in harmony
The tree grew colored in memory
Blue and blossoming
Kinda like me
Now here I sit
In the chorus of bleeding company
Between a bird and a tree
Alive and dreaming
About the things that are truly free
While the beauty of life
Grows within me
BeLove © 2017



Tongue Twister

In life we imitate art
Through art we mimic life.
With the harmony of memories so sweet
Of friends, family, children, and the lovers in between.
To the ones who inspire us beyond the fueled fire
We must never cease to exist.
For its a dream we must advocate
What would it take for us to coexist?
In this life those we have kissed
Will always be missed.
But in the love we must build
Please make it kind and not blind.
Take their tongue and make it twist.
There are those that keep us thrilled
Some that cleanse us distilled
Others that leave unfulfilled.
But the light above will always beacon
To those who choose, it will only strengthen
And to those who walk away, leave beaten,
Please know that there is something to believe in.
It’s something we must discuss
When talking about the foundation of us.
As we paint a picture of the future
With a feeling that we need to nurture
In lieu of a fleeting departure.
Newness will change the culture
Blueness will rearrange the soul
As we circle around life’s potholes
In a shrewdness written in the scrolls.
Change is a constant
That thrives with every new day.
What can happen in an instant
Is a moment we must portray.
What and the hell did you do
To make me think this way?
There is a picture being drawn
Oh it’s the most beautiful dawn
But with every dawn the sun must set.
Yet I know a little secret
One that you do not yet.
In time you will but first I must climb that hill.
In the meantime
Take my mind with your spare time
And read it line for line
There you will find the glaring sign.
 BeLove © 2017

  Vulfpeck / 1612

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The Heart Of Heroism

“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic.  It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.”

-Arthur Ashe

At its heart, heroism is when one exhibits an action that fulfills a higher purpose through a structured nobility.  It is at its core, courage that is exemplified when facing a malevolent situation.  Heroism isn’t a characteristic that is sought or even sustained for that matter.  It is presupposed that genuine heroic action is accomplished in the defense of moral integrity. The heart of heroism challenges the darkness of evil with a voluntary mechanism that attacks its wicked vulnerability with full-blown compassion. To sum it up it one sentence, heroism is the elixir of hate.

From here, I choose to leave you guessing which way I take this post. For now, I am cutting it short because it is the one weekend where I can make decisions in an outward manner.  I’m on my way to somewhere I have never been on this beautiful day, maybe I will see you there.

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there.  This one’s for all of you out there living your dream.


Post Script:

I can’t believe that this blog has made it six months. That is the longest I have committed to anything, other than getting drunk on love.

This post will be continued soon.  Thank you all so much for your patronage, patience, and understanding.

See You Soon.


The Mechanics Of Change 

It is from this philosophy that we must emphasize on the necessity of being mentally, spiritually and physically primed for change in all facets of our lives.

One could also illustrate the idea about change and it’s perpetual presence with another thought of Heraclitus.  He said that “no man shall ever step into the same river twice”.  Even though the river runs it’s same course & the current flows with similar familiarity, it’s what’s underneath the surface that constantly changes.  The sunken landscape below the surface is endlessly changing. It’s the process of erosion that dramatically affects the arrangement of all natural and artificial features of any landscape.  Over time most everything erodes in some fashion or another.  Be prepared to discuss more on the process of erosion later.  Right now I want to touch on the capacity of brute force that a meandering river carries with it.
You see, you may cross this same river numerous times throughout your life but never will your path be the same.  It’s the motion of water and the strength behind its momentum that make it one of the most powerful forces on Earth.  It can drastically change environments without a moment’s notice, especially the environment underneath it all.
If you haven’t noticed I am using the meandering river as a representation of change. Whilst change could be invisible to the naked eye, it’s the ever-changing setting churning below the surface that we must embrace and welcome without reluctance. In other words we must not fear change, it is going to happen whether we like it or not.
Now let’s delve into the mechanics of all things, change.  Mechanics are basically when we apply something, usually mathematical in nature, that deals with motion and in turn, this forces the manufacturing of progressive motion. To put it into simpler terms, mechanics are the practicalities or details of something.
So what are the mechanics of change then?  We will come back around to what I believe them to be.  But first I would like to discuss why we must embrace change.  I know why I must and will continue to embrace change for my life’s entirety.  Do you embrace change or do you fear change?


If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.

Why do people fear change?  What is the topical reason for not accepting change?   Why is society so resistant to the inevitable change that will continuously arise throughout our lives?
I believe it can be boiled down to a few things but first and foremost the main reason for fear of change is elementary.  Almost everyone of us know how to live for today, few of us plan for tomorrow and hardly anyone can anticipate the fact that there will be days after tomorrow.  It seems that so many people lives, nowadays, are conducted by a series of short-term plans without the urge or ability to contemplate the method of sustainability.
So what are the mechanics of change?  What are some basic behaviors we can practice to help us embrace change and get positive results?  How do we make sense of change and move with it with forward momentum?  I will touch on what I believe are imperative in embarking towards embracing change.  You may not agree with me and I may not agree with you, but my opinion is my own.  After all, what agrees, disagrees.
The first step towards embracing change is to develop a routine that breathes betterment into your overall well-being.  These routines could range from a daily workout to creatively writing, or even reading on a consistent basis.  It’s when we improve ourselves through a habitual hobby that we leave little, to no room, for our thoughts to drift away towards all things negative in our life.  We are focused on bettering ourselves.  It’s the fact that when we find something we are passionate about, our inner mechanism of success switches on and we portray the possibilities of a prominent future.
The second step in accepting the change happening in your life is to release yourself from all the negative platforms that aren’t letting you cut yourself free from all the bullshit. I will use FaceBook as a perfect example.  While the BookFace seems innocent it’s accessibility to the overall psychological effects of our society is trending towards all hell breaking loose, sooner rather than later. Nowadays everybody has turned into a political science major and the outrage one exemplifies when that “guy they met a that party back in ’11 doesn’t agree with his beliefs” his temper flares and in his inability to entertain wit he de-friends him and considers him an idiot.  What ever happened to the good ole days of talking shit with your buddy and maybe throwing a few punches and then finishing the pitcher of MGD (gross) together and laughing about it?  Basically cut off the bullshit feeders in your life and pay attention to the moment your in, instead of looking for a place where reality is scripted.
The third step in would be the ever effective importance of communication.  We can’t just expect what we to change about ourselves or with someone else we don’t communicate the fact that we want change.  You can’t just expect change from someone else if you can’t communicate your own wants and needs of change. So speak freely about the change you wish to see; with your own eyes you will witness the change you seek.
The fourth step is going to be the toughest for most all of us.  It’s the simplest way to embrace this change thing I keep bringing up.  It’s the one that keeps Ego on the bench and creates doors for the closed mind.  Debates are won with this tactic and belligerent attitudes are tamed.  All you need to do is let down that stubborn guard of yours and genuinely absorb what your opponent is trying to stay.  Allow yourself to grow from what others believe and there will be an organic sense of kindness that humankind could definitely use right about now. When we get back to the days of respecting the opinions of others, we communicate with more optimism, from here we form a camaraderie, and that makes us more dangerous than the establishment would want us to be.  Remember if you aren’t a politician then we are all in the same boat.  I don’t want it to sink.  Do you? If we join together, it won’t.
The fifth step is to educate yourself.  Educate yourself in all things that you feel may bring you an unexpected change.  Read more often. Read more often.  Pick up a new hobby, find something that gives you a new purpose in life, maybe it’s something that fills a void of something you miss.  Just do something that breathes a wholesome kind of you, shed a new leaf on the tree of your life.

I leave with a song from my youth….

If you haven’t noticed I’m creating a soundtrack for this blog.

Blind Melon “Change”