So It Is

The storm she breaks
just to build back up
to where it all began.
Winter melts
so the sun can shine upon
your smile again
my old friend.
A page is ripped
just to be sewn
back together
with this sword
I call a pen.
Come fall beneath
the ink that bleeds
into the being of me.
As above
so it is
far below
in the meaning of those
that I have known.
Again the words
they start to flow
with the love
that slowly grows.
But first I must
bury the evil
in this old bag of bones
before the good
in you
brings me back home.
BeLove © 2017


She > He

I will be out of the office 11.8.17 through 11.15.17.  I will return 11.16.17.  I apologize for any inconvenience;)

With Regards-


Eternity’s Edge

From this edge
where which I sit
a word is being writ
where conviction turns into
a sentence split
by essence of eternity.
Betwixt and between
division and diversity
The reality of a dream
only to be lost
in a wilderness
desolated and dense.
Nature and her narrative
nurture the sense
of a stillness within.
A weight shall be lifted
so gracious and gifted.
Let them bleed in their
shackles of greed
handcuffed by the need
of the sheep they overfeed
Something inside
has struck a chord
sung loud and swung free.
Once upon another time
in a less tolerant prime
the same sorta thing
all came crashing down
and damn near buried me.
Instead now I can see
what it is that should be
when it never was
part of the cause that affected me.
The climb it will never end
for it was always meant
to begin again and again.
At arm’s reach
and a day’s length
from the pinnacle
where purpose shows poise
no longer suffocated by the noise
blindsiding and cynical.
 It’s time to follow through
and turn my attention to
this thing called love, the world,
and holding true
to a promise I once made
BeLove © 2017


Wisdom Of Wednesday

This is something new I would like to try from here on out.  Hope you all enjoy it.  Time for the whole NaNoWriMo and it’s cornucopia of 50,000 well-placed words.  Wish my creativity and sanity good luck.  See you all soon.
-Be Love

As It Always Was

I always stood still
though tall in a shadow
scattered with fear.
Then came a window
left wide open
only to walk
the tightrope in.
From the sands of time
through which I sift
it’s now the direction
of the sun I shift.
In the beat of a heart
it all shines through
The love, the light, it’s in all of you.
Somewhere between
the rock and the tree and love’s jubilee
I found you all
in the finesse of me.
Again came the call
from a distant squall
one I’ve heard
my entire life.
The one I know
for we must follow.
It’s harmony that sings
with the joy it brings
in the gospel we hear
to make the choice
from a voice so clear.
It is as it is,
as it always was.
It echoes through eternity
down the path that guides me.
The divinity inside thee
has now become reality.
BeLove © 2017


I am sorry
if I took to long.
I thought I’d found
where it is I ought
to belong.
It seems as though
that I thought wrong.
Leave it to me
to the find the place
I need not be.
While I am here
I’ll continue to circle this sphere
just a little longer
with an instinct
only getting stronger.
Habit has fallen extinct
by way of addiction’s conquer.
From my head
I try to escape
the shift of wicked’s shape.
In my heart
I rearrange the space
touched by a thought
that I must retrace,
while sifting through
the emotional waste
of a desire displaced.
BeLove © 2017




Just Be

Be the love
that trumps hate
Be the good
that defeats evil
Be the light
that fills the darkness
Be the peace
that calms the chaos
Be the shield
to which hatred yields
Be the courage
that buries fear
Be the hero
that takes a stand
Be the wisdom
that guides their hand
Be the faith
that fills their heart
Be the flame
that lights the way
Be the catalyst
that sparks a change
Be the burden
that carries the dream
Be the poetry
that writes with grace
Be the story
That embraces glory
Be the promise
that gives them hope
Be the path
that guides them on
Be the bliss
Of this place called
BeLove © 2017

My Morning Jacket / Master Plan

Bottled Up Love

A letter for my love
floats with a wave
tied to a deep blue sea
the ink still wet
from my last regret
as I lay drunk
with endless time
a bottle of elders wine
now plays the vessel
of my last request
something like
wishing you the best
upon the horizon
where the sea meets the sky
I see my wish
swimming with the fish
but the dream it stays afloat
in a message sublime
sailing high
and drifting dry
unbound by time
BeLove © 2017

Monsters Of Folk / “Ahead Of The Curve”



The Apple Of My I

From the apple
she took my core,
from the height
of heaven
she fell
upon the burden
of bliss
my being
was built
by the virtue
she was,
from nothing
I rose
through the shadows
of insanity
a light shines
on the pinnacle
of reason
which guides
the purpose of me
BeLove © 2017

The New Mastersounds




I wander
through it all
trying hard not to fall
as I ponder
with a sunrise
walking high
high along a mountainside
if I’ll live
long enough
to write them all
all of these words
blooming from within
the poetic stillness of Zen
BeLove © 2017