An Ode To Tahoe

Should I stand perchance
and gaze upon your shore
while your waves they dance
—abrupt and still
where my thoughts
shall spill
deep into your emerald depth
it is as much
as what I seek
likened by your clarity.
Beneath a mirror
—tinted zephyr
here I stood
dreaming awake
fifteen years to the day.
For my gladness
you have given
and my wish as true
as your hue is blue.
It is in your reflection of me
that I will always see
a storm-savaged sea
amongst waves of tranquility.
Floated by your youth
upon a buoyant breeze
with your water and your sand
you took me by the hand
and so I swam
through the depths of you
so deep and blue
so tried and true.
BeLove © 2018


The Spirit In A Daydream

The hammock sways in seamless rhythm with a sprawling wind from the west. A wave’s crash breathes with repetitive balance.   My eyes grow heavier with each break of the symphonic sounds surrounded by her nature. The silence of nothingness harnesses my wildest dream as I shut my eyes. The book slips from my hands, upon my chest, nestled next to the heart as I collapse into a daydream.

There I was soaring through the sky in the shroud of a cloud. I can feel the sunshine sharing her serendipity deep inside the spirit of me. The heavens above speak with a gust of wind that spins me into a dive towards the lake below. I plunge headfirst into the lake that is painted in the color of a sapphire. I am only submerged for a moment or two, then I power through the surface with a floating hope. These talons come up empty, but there is no longer fear in what it takes to nourish a dream. When an opportunity for something that carries substance, arises, one must bury fear with experience. With the swiftness of the wind at my back, I soar with ease into my one and only companion, the wind. It’s the crystal blue persuasion that guides my spirit towards the uncharted waters you call home. Beneath me, the reflection of this wind and her sky mirrors my eternity and measures this man in his eternal gratitude. I see these wings of mine and my senses hone in on what lies ahead and put the past to bed. I find eternal balance just above the lake and right below the wind. I ascend with poise towards the infinite reaches of the horizon. The ground below transforms from water into a rock-ridiculed landscape painted in perfection. Green-quilted patchwork brushes the valley below. The only chance to maintain a splash of integrity is to turn back and wrestle with grace, this all to avoid a contemptuous clash with something that isn’t worth the time.   I claw at the strenuous headwind into a plateau of being; thoughts of trickery escape me as I thrust upon an elevated beacon of light. Through ambition, I seize the moment and in a predatory move, I free-fall into the aquatic environment below. I dive with focus and sink fast and deep into the depths of my spirit. Talons now play the guiding force and they corral the fish, screaming out of the water, I fly as high to the heavens as one can get, an offering of sorts, for the powers that be.


I snap out of my hypnotic happenstance brought to you in part by a daydream. The hammock is still swaying, albeit with a much more gentle swiftness. I notice an osprey just above me, perched upon a spreading nest in its comforts of home. This bird of prey is cawing and clawing at my soul; while honing in on its daily nourishment just below the surface of the lake stretched for miles in front of me.   I stare back at its soul with the concentration of our ancestral warriors and it calls to me with a high-pitched fall towards my aura before slipping into the sunlight just out of my vision. I catch a glimpse of the hawk and in a flash it crashes into the water. As I am waiting for the hunter to emerge victorious from its stream of consciousness, I begin to wonder. Is the spirit of this animal, known as Osprey, trying to contact me?

I believe it is, and I believe that it has been trying to contact me since my summer in Alaska, fifteen years ago.   It was towards the end of that summer that my lady friend and a few others went to Valdez, for some much needed rest and relaxation after a long drawn out summer of catering to newlyweds and nearly dead’s. On this trip there was an Osprey that seemed to be everywhere that I was. Of course, back then I paid no attention to it. I just assumed it was as in awe of Inga’s natural beauty, as I was. Way back then, I wasn’t much able to tell the difference in the numerous birds of prey, except for the bald eagle of course. Over time, I started studying up on these different spectacular birds and their contributions to Mother Nature. I still had no idea about the spirit animal and the spiritual cognizance they bring with them. That following winter I moved to Tahoe and the rest they say is history, right? Nope, not at all, let’s fast forward to 2017. I have been searching the depths of my soul with a revolutionary set of senses and while “Finding Finesse In A Midlife Crisis” for about a year now. I finally see that this cosmopolitan hawk is seeking my spirit by teaching me the lessons that soars with its wings.

The following lessons are in no way, admired in absolution. This is merely a self-assembled guide that will continue to gain comprehension and manifestation as it cultivates with my wisdom and presents peculiar challenges through my eccentric daydreams.


Osprey is genuinely associated to all facets of solar reverence and commonly connects with the spirit of those who place an emphasis on the value of the sun’s therapeutic properties. I have always valued sunshine and its ability to drag me out of a self-inflicted funk, with little to no effort. My mood has often depended on the amount of sunshine I get to embrace on a daily basis.

It is suggested that Osprey is a trickster. Osprey carries the power to trick all of humanity into loving each other again. It is also determined that water can also be considered the element of our emotions. When plunging into our emotions, we release the hardness of our heart and develop a pristine softness in relationships. This in turn allows the heart to open with the readiness to take greater risks for the greater good. Osprey teaches us to be open-minded; this differs from other predatory creatures, because Osprey gives instead of takes. When contact is established between this spirit animal and human nature, wishes will be lost, as will our needs, our hopes, and our will, only for one to witness later at how much is gained as an individual.   This lesson is critical to learning how to love ones self, so the individual can learn to give others the love they need.

Osprey also communicates with us by administering the belief that what is right in front of us, is sufficient enough. The spirit is telling us, we must overcome the backpedaling effect of the syndrome that “the grass is always greener”. It is detrimental to the creative psyche to constantly wonder ‘what if’, when in fact one should just do what they think is right and let cause and effect play to its natural ability. One must let go of the speculation of the things that may or may not be better on the other side of their horizon.


It is widely thought that Osprey comes into one’s life to teach the individual how to hone in on the senses, both in physical and spiritual nature.   Maybe one has become lethargic with prayer or meditation, or maybe one no longer adores the physical endeavors with the same vigor that one used to.   Osprey appears as our body, soul, and spirit have tumbled into the complexities of listless behavior.   It is the spirit animal’s intent to claw us back into mental, physical, and spiritual shape, by teaching us that when our senses are honed, we are providing ourselves with the nourishment needed for the growth necessary to blossom into the beauty within each and every one of us.

Sometimes opportunity lingers around for a while but most of the time it will not.  Osprey educates us that when opportunity knocks, one must open the door and strike while the iron is hot. It educates us that timing is everything especially when answered with precision. When Osprey has come into your life, either you already know how to attack opportunity and seize it, or at the very least you are learning the importance of this mannerism.

Osprey, in one its more profound lessons, teaches us to take risks. It teaches us that one shouldn’t be frightened of trying to grab the opportunities that rest just out of one’s reach. An osprey doesn’t wait for its prey to jump out of its natural habitat. It dives headfirst into an element that it cannot survive in. This teaches one to plunder their known resources and also the importance in the necessity that we must continually leave our comfort zone, in order to get to what we want.

Osprey’s natural element is air and when it dives into the element of water, one could view this as Osprey gliding with ease between the conscious (air) and the unconscious (water). Osprey is the only member of hawk heredity that does this. Osprey could be pondered as a guide of souls, one that is able to travel between the world in which we know and the Underworld, or the unconscious. The Underworld is symbolized by the element of water. Entering this world is dangerous and without the knowledge or power to return to the conscious or air, one can become lost and rapidly ascend into a sea of madness. In short, Osprey carries us back to the light when the soul turns murky.


Last but never least, Osprey has the ability to trick one into a faith that divine love never abandons. It instead guides one through life’s focus until one re-establishes the will to live and love. The mask of Osprey deceives us into believing in our unknown potential for the majesty of love. Osprey is subtly teaching us that we are the creators of divine illusions that lead us into the uncharted waters of love’s unknown depths.

Like all birds of prey, Osprey carries with it, symbolisms of power, vision, and spirit. In these traits, one could associate the spirit with Mercurius, the god of communication and the messenger of Heaven. Osprey is a spirit that brings people together through loose fabrications, especially when at home, floating through the air, or symbolically speaking, the mind. These fabrications make up the creative process itself, via clever redefinitions, newfound perspectives which can free people from their past taboos, or their self-imposed banishment from love. Osprey finds a way for both winners and losers to walk away with the feeling that the experience was rewarding.

In closing, individuals with Osprey as a guide often manifest the characteristics similar to the spirit itself. Those with this animal as a guide are often ambitious and predatory in a workplace environment. They are leaned on the fact that they are extremely hard workers. When having Osprey as a guide, one must learn the importance of relaxation and to not keep their eyes on the prize at all times. When understanding this, one will reap the benefits of basking in the sun. In continuing to perform the physical activities in which they love, they will find themselves as delighted with life as they have ever been. One will also teach others how to aim for their own sought-after stars, but may also exhaust their own creative process in doing so. That just got the authors attention and he will never knowingly exhaust his creativity, he can guarantee that. People with Osprey around often carry a sunny, passionate personality with them that is a bit on the fierce side but they also have a tendency to be deeply loyal. They tend to draw people in their direction and are unknowingly able to lure these people into better versions of themselves. Those drawn to this personality learn that through the nourishment of their own soul they see themselves as a beacon of light on the hillside of hope.

Osprey will hardly ever try and make contact in a dream that is built on evening’s sleep; it only tries to make contact during a short nap or even more so, a daydream. Osprey only appears when appropriate, and is not forced to visit when one deems its presence as necessary. Like all winged messengers, Osprey only interacts with those it wants to circulate its vitality with.


“As I wait for the Osprey to reemerge, the hammock stops swaying. The trickling sound of nature is muted by a voice from deep inside of me. I stand from my horizontal stature; I start to run into the shallow shelf of this body built by water. The strength and unchecked force of the water, places a hindrance on my lower body. I still push forward and in a matter of moments, I plunge headfirst into its chilly depths.   I swim all the way to the bottom of my own depths and the bird is nowhere to be found. As I start gasping for air, I hone in on the surface and swim towards the flickering light with everything I have to offer. Before I know it, I am soaring with the wind at my back and the sun in my heart. I see the dreams I must attack right on the edge of my individual horizon, just below the surface of me.”

“Mellow Mood”

Thank you stopping by.  See you soon.
-B. Love-